This document defines the terms and conditions of participation in the creative contest “Become a Part of the First Vertical Film” (hereinafter: “Creative Contest”) organized by Atlantic Grupa d.d., Zagreb, Miramarska 23, Croatia (hereinafter “Organizer”).

The Creative Contest is organized to promote the Organizer and its business, products and offers through promotional marketing content and activities, including sending newsletters and other notifications with the Organizer news (e.g. informative offers, notifications about offers, new products, prize winning games, contests, and other marketing efforts), as well as to occasionally conduct analysis and statistical processing of non-personally identifiable (anonymous) information in order to make further improvements to the Organizer services, website and other forms of communication (text messages, phone calls, newsletters to home address, etc.).

Creative Contest will be held from August 1 to August 7, 2018, on the website

Each individual can participate in the Creative Contest only once, i.e. with only one video.


The Creative Contest is open for citizens of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia who accept these Rules of Creative Contest.

In order to participate in the Creative Contest, participants must complete the task via an online form – upload a video no longer than 30 seconds and no larger than 150 MB, and fill in a contact form (name, contact and location information) in the “How to join” section.

The most creative videos that meet the criteria will be selected and included in the final video, making the participants whose videos were selected a part of the first amateur vertical film.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to publish inappropriate or offensive content. The creator of such content shall be excluded from further participation in the Creative Contest. Furthermore, if there are reasonable grounds for believing that the customer used other people's material, the Organizer has the right to exclude him from the Creative Contest.

By participating in the Creative Contest, each participant transfers his property and content usage rights to the Organizer without time or territorial limits. Usage includes the right to release, copy, modify and distribute all or parts of published content, as well as the right to compile the whole or parts of video in a single video (film) by the Organizer, for promotional purposes, and at the Organizer's sole discretion.

Participants in the Creative Contest shall bear any costs of participating in the Creative Contest (access to the internet, filming, etc.).

By participating (uploading a video) each participant is confirming that he understands these Rules of Creative Contest and Terms of Participation.

The participant confirms and guarantees the following:

  • To have provided his own information in the registration form, and that the information is correct, accurate and up-to-date
  • Not to use any content, messages and videos for application in this contest, or in video and on application website, that infringe rights and interests of other persons, or discriminate on any ground, or are contrary to laws and legal order, disrupt public order, or are offensive or morally corrupt
  • Not to use or publish materials or videos of others
  • The participant is obliged and responsible not to include other persons in his video, or if there are other persons present, to obtain their consent to be recorded, participate in this contest and to inform them of all rights that are transferred from the participant to the Organizer. If the video features a minor, the participant is responsible to obtain consent from his or her parent or his or her legal guardian within the meaning of this indent.
  • After uploading the video, the participant shall take full responsibility for sharing and usage of the video, and confirm that he has read and agreed to these Rules.


As a website provider and the Organizer of Creative Contest on, Atlantic Grupa is the controller of your personal data.

By participating in this Contest, and if participant's video is used in the compiled video (film) by the Organizer, the participant gives consent to the Organizer to use and publish his personal data (in printed, audio, video, or image materials): full name, address, image, video and other information given to them by the participant/winner, for purpose of public announcement of the results of the contest, publishing stories, articles or other materials about the contest. Upon the Organizer's request, you will provide written consent.

The winners' video will be published on channels during the period necessary for promotion of our activities, products and services. In addition, the selected video is kept for internal marketing, analysis and business development purposes, or for purposes of making or defending any legal claims.

The Organizer, as the controller of personal data collected from participants and winners, collects, manages, maintains and processes collected personal data of participants and winners of the contest for the sole purpose of conducting the contest and promotion of the Organizer, pursuant to these Rules.

During the application to the contest, upon the Organizer's special request, the participant will, if he wishes, provide explicit consent for usage of his personal data for other purposes (e.g. for automated processing of personal data and creating personalized approach to the participant, for usage by the Organizer's affiliates, etc.), and will, if he wishes, provide other additional personal data for usage and processing for other provided purposes.

This given consent can be revoked at any time by sending request to email or address of the Organizer's headquarters provided on the Organzer's website.

The Organizer uses and processes only personal data provided by the participant, and the participant is responsible for providing accurate and correct personal data, and to inform the Organizer of any changes in a timely manner.

At any time, the participant has the right to request information about his personal data processed by the Organizer, and can file a complaint regarding the use of his personal data in situations in which the Organizer has a legitimate interest, and especially if the Organizer uses it for direct marketing purposes.

To exercise all his rights and obligations regarding the usage of personal data, the participant can contact the Organizer via e-mail or at company's headquarters address, or following instructions in the delivered promotional material.

All personal data shall be protected by adequate technical and organisational measures, and shall be handled lawfully and fairly in accordace with applicable regulations regarding protection of personal data.

The participant understands and accepts that some activities regarding personal data processing are assigned by the Organizer to EU and non-EU processors (natural or legal person responsible for processing personal data on behalf of the controller). The Organizer shall ensure data transfer in a lawful manner, and shall select a processor that meets all safety standards that guarantee high level of personal data protection.

Personal data are used and kept until revoked by the participant, pursuant to these Rules, unless otherwise provided by law.

All other details regarding handling and protection of personal data and exercising participants' rights can be found in Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, available on the Organizer website (


The Organizer is not liable for the following:

  • any consequences arising from misuse or abuse of Creative Contest Terms by participants in the Creative Contest or other persons;
  • unintended consequences suffered by participants involving participation in the Creative Contest, functioning of the website, or the website not functioning, whatever the reasons may be;
  • accuracy or inaccuracy of information sent by participants in the Creative Contest.

The Organizer shall disqualify a participant if it determines that the participant has given incorrect, misleading or other persons' personal data, and if it determines that the participant is a minor, or if the video features a minor without the required consent pursuant to these Rules, or if there is suspicion of abuse of the Creative Contest.

The Organizer warrants that data will be processed and kept in accordance with applicable laws (see Safety of Data Processing and Your Rights sections).


The participants of the Creative Contest waive their right to any complaints against the Organizer relating to participation in the Creative Contest (e.g. participating costs, exclusion from participating in the Creative Contest, according to Terms of Participation).

For information purposes, the participant in the contest allows use of various communication channels, e.g. e-mail, Facebook notifications, Instagram and other.

Any complaints and claims by participants in the contest is handled by the Organizer. If complaints are justified the Organizer shall resolve them in a timely manner, and inform the participant in the contest. In the event of a dispute, it is under jurisdiction of Municipal Court in Zagreb.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the Rules and Terms of Participation in the Creative Contest. The participants shall be informed of any changes and news on the Atlantic Grupa's website and Facebook page.

The Creative Contest may be terminated only in the event of circumstances outside the Organizer's control, which could not been prevented or avoided.

As a participant in the contest, I agree to the Rules of the Creative Contest “BECOME A PART OF THE FIRST VERTICAL FILM”, and I accept the rights and obligations from these Rules, and by applying to participate I confirm that I understand and accept the purpose of using and managing my personal data.