Svi smo mi iz tog filma

Watch the first amateur vertical film!

We can watch it together at the premiere
on August 12 in the Children of Sarajevo Square,
or watch online from August 13.


This year, after years of friendship and cooperation, Sarajevo Film Festival and Atlantic Grupa are rolling out the red carpet of Sarajevo Film Festival for all young talents from the region. In order to rekindle creative spark and bring the festival to the audience across the region, we are giving the audience an opportunity to take a shot at filming an amateur vertical film to be featured in the official programme of the festival. Why? Because we believe that creativity, art and beauty should be available to everyone.

Atlantic Grupa and Sarajevo Film Festival share passion for connecting the region through creativity. They want to inspire people and lead the way in introducing a new way of doing business and thinking. That is why we want you to step into the limelight, make your own film and become a part of this story – because WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME STORY.

One of the biggest film festivals in Europe promotes the spirit of Sarajevo – the spirit of openness, inclusiveness and diversity – far beyond its limits. This is why we are inviting everyone to become a part of this amazing film story. Put your name on the closing credits of our film!

Want to be a part of Sarajevo Film Festival and become one of the authors of the first amateur vertical film? Apply!


Record a video on your mobile phone in vertical (9:16) format.


Capture your favourite daily ritual, special landmarks near you, customs, culture events, natural beauties and scenes carrying a message that WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME STORY. Be inspired by our photos.


Your video should be 30 seconds long with a maximum file size of 150 MB.


Fill in the following form, confirm that you have read the rules of participation and send us your video.


Take your best shot – only the most creative shots will become a part of the first amateur vertical film.


We are accepting submissions until August 7. Follow us until August 12, when the first amateur vertical film WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME STORY will be presented in Sarajevo.


Find your name in the closing credits and become a part of Sarajevo Film Festival history.

Thank you on all the submissions.

Applications are closed on 07.08.

CineLink and Docu Talents present 10 new documentary voices from Central and Eastern Europe

Sarajevo Film Festival's CineLink Industry Days has teamed up with Ji.hlava IDFF Docu Talents from the East to present new documentary projects from Central and Eastern Europe. Ten feature-length creative documentaries in various stages of production and post-production will be showcased in the upcoming, 14th edition of Docu Talents, aiming to enhance their sales and distribution possibilities.

CineLink announces line-up for Work in Progress 2018

CineLink Work in Progress is a section of the Sarajevo Film Festival's co-production market, which serves as a showcase of the most exciting new works from Southeast Europe and the MENA region. The selection includes 10 exciting new feature-length films: 8 fiction and 2 documentary, which will be presented to up to 60 high-profile industry professionals (funders, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and festival programmers) with the aim of assisting their completion and enhancing their distribution possibilities.


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Atlantic Grupa

Atlantic Grupa is one of the most dynamic business systems in the region, with well-known brands present in more than 50 countries worldwide, and over 5000 employees. They represent an inspiring group of people who enjoy working in good company. As an open, curious and ambitious company, Atlantic offers its existing and new associates, partners and investors an endless ocean of opportunities for growth and development.

Promoting knowledge and creativity is key to changing business environment. Being a part of a broader community, Atlantic Grupa understands the importance and need for making its own impact on society as a whole, and invests a part of its own profits into the community and projects that promote growth and development of the community. For many years Atlantic Grupa has been a proud partner and sponsor of Sarajevo Film Festival. This close friendship was created by a true appreciation of film and culture and the desire to promote excellence, creativity and diversity throughout the region.