Thousands of Fans Created “The Biggest Heart of Sarajevo”


This year’s celebratory edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival has gathered world-class film stars, with a special celebration of its 25th birthday prepared for thousands of its visitors. The whole city comes alive during this festival that has become one of the landmarks of European culture, and thousands of visitors have joined the celebration of this special anniversary. Fans from the region have given the festival a special gift – “The Biggest Heart of Sarajevo” – accompanied by a message We Are All Part of the Same Story.

Under this slogan, Atlantic Grupa, a long-term partner and sponsor of SFF, has been promoting culture, inclusiveness, connection and creativity throughout the region over the past few years. During this festival Sarajevo is engulfed by thousands of actors, directors, producers, but also young talents and film enthusiasts who are just waiting for their time in the limelight. This year many of them showed their appreciation to Sarajevo and the festival in a special way. As a part of the project We Are All Part of the Same Story, they published a photo featuring a heart on their social media pages, and thousands of these photos were revealed on the Festival Square as a unique piece of art – a mosaic called “The Biggest Heart of Sarajevo”. At the central event, on Sunday, August 18, this installation was revealed and handed over as a special gift to Mirsad Purivatra, the Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival. “We are very proud of our long-term relationship with Atlantic Grupa, and the people who have done so much for the whole region. Rich programme that delights us each year, and enormous support to young talents and newcomers is just a small part of the festival atmosphere that makes us proud and excited to be a part of this story. We are specially thankful to all visitors who left their hearts here, at the Festival Square, and celebrated with us the 25th birthday of the festival, showing once again that we are all part of the same story”, said Miranda Mladin, the Executive Director for Central Marketing & Innovation at Atlantic Grupa, during the official hand-over of the mosaic.

“We are proud to have our long-term partner, Atlantic Grupa, with us again this year. There are many film professionals, actors and friends who poured their hearts into the Sarajevo Film Festival, and we hope that they will leave Sarajevo taking a part of this festive atmosphere with them. Atlantic Grupa has done a lot for the festival over the years, and we hope that we are looking at the bright future ahead”, said Mirsad Purivatra, the Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Popular actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia have also helped creating “The Biggest Heart of Sarajevo” mosaic, sending messages using social media. A video called We Are All Part of the Same Story features some of the greatest artists in the region sharing their memories of the festival: Rene Bitorajac, Nataša Janjić, Moamer Kasumović, Mario Drmać, Milan Marić, Nataša Ninković and Ula Furlan. For the past 25 years Sarajevo Film Festival has awarded the Heart of Sarajevo, a honorary prize for greatest achievements in cinematography, and this year the festival received the biggest heart from its devoted audience. You can watch the creation of the mosaic on the web-site where photos were submitted, and you can see “The Biggest Heart of Sarajevo” mosaic here: