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Atlantic Grupa

The Live Stream has ended. Thank you all for joining.

The Sarajevo Film Festival and Atlantic Grupa have been working together for an entire decade, strengthening their friendship even more each year. We never get bored of each other, and always find something new and interesting about both of us – just like real friends do.

ATLANTIC GRUPA is a multinational company with the status of leading regional distributor and one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in Southeast Europe. Our brands have been dominating the scales of the strongest brands in the region for several years now, and we believe that you also consume some of them every day – especially in the company of good friends and movie classics.

For more about Atlantic Grupa, see our company's official website.


Even though our sponsorship is in essence a commercial cooperation, beneath the surface lie all the common values and similarities that further nourish our friendship.

  • We are a strong regional company, and the SFF is the most relevant regional cultural event. It is a project that is growing and developing despite difficult circumstances, which proves that with a lot of effort we can achieve our goals, just as we are striving to show on a business level.
  • Together we share a passion for achieving even better results. With its renowned brands, Atlantic Grupa achieves enviable success, not only in the region but in Western and Eastern Europe as well. Year after year, the SFF continues to make progress, and today is one of the top European festivals in terms of concept and performance.
  • The Sarajevo Film Festival is on the lookout for young talents, develops and invests in them, gives them the opportunity to work, learn, and acquire their first professional references – which are the very references we promote as a company. The key to our success lies in over 5000 employees in companies across 12 markets. We strive to give each individual more than just a workplace, by offering them an endless ocean of opportunities for growth and development.
  • The SFF can thank its recognition precisely to the effort and passionate devotion it has to creating unforgettable experiences for its visitors, with the same intensity as Atlantic Grupa creates for its customers, by placing products on over 50 markets.
  • And last but not least, this partnership has a socially responsible dimension as well. Atlantic Grupa always endeavours to give a part of the profit it makes back to the community, by investing in socially beneficial activities and true values. The Sarajevo Film Festival is an excellent opportunity to achieve this.


Atlantic Grupa’s partnership with the Sarajevo Film Festival does not just mean cooperation and numerous field activities for our operatives, it also means a lot of fun and a great big friendship that has lasted an entire decade. And you know how it mainly goes with friendships – they start by recognising and understanding one another, they begin simple and easy, and they last long. It is not just a saying that money can’t buy everything. Togetherness and an honest relationship between people are life’s precious gifts that have no price. Our main operative proves this through his personal engagement where he fuses his love for Sarajevo and love for music in one. President and CEO of Atlantic Grupa, Emil Tedeschi, is in fact already traditionally somehow a part of the festival program as its (un)official DJ (or as he puts it – the SMS – straight music selector) for the Talents Sarajevo official party.

With a great big smile we are working together again on film projections, drinking coffee with young talents and established faces from the industry, going to unforgettable parties, enjoying legendary sofras, and all the other wonderful surprises we create together.

We look forward to all of them this year as well, because we are all from the same movie.